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The year was 2011 when founder and bandleader Ollice Cooper had a vision that formed the band 313: “The Live Experience” in Detroit, Michigan, the town that’s famously called Motown.


Initially a trio of musicians developed into a network band with a great number of gifted musicians that had a diverse musical range in all forms of music. This superior talent has allowed them to excel by leaps and bounds. The band has a distinctive feature which is displayed with the skillful blending of jazz with a modern-day twist, and a live DJ and violinist that combine the blend of vibrational beat patterns that exhibit an extraordinary ability to blend the old with the new.


Symbolically, the band can communicate and utter ideas of human sensibility through its musical form. The roots of the band allow them to perform anywhere while giving performances that include playing and singing songs that people can relate and dance to.


The jazzy-fused style of the band has individualized them to be something fresh and compelling. Their musical style synthesizes a wide range of influences from jazz, R&B, and hip-hop and the following artists: John Lupantae & Norman Brown, R&B figures of the 1960’s & 1970’s such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and a mixture of current hip-hop moguls, namely Jay Z & Kanye West.


313: “The Live Experience” has been mesmerizing audiences of all ages with song selections that uplift, entertain and inspire people from all walks of life. Their God-given musical talents and musical magic have afforded them the opportunity to travel near and far while electrifying audiences of all nationalities.


Music is the band’s passion and they strive for perfection with every live performance. With awesome reviews, the band puts devotion and pride at the top of their list in order to meet the demand of the audience, and they feel blessed for each encounter.


The band sets the tone and atmosphere that will keep any audience yearning for more. 313: “The Live Experience” is an accurate description of this group and they know that you will love the sound that’s generated through their music.


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